[WATCH] Lisa McCalin Sets Pelosi on Fire For Not Censuring Maxine Waters

[WATCH] Lisa McCalin Sets Pelosi on Fire For Not Censuring Maxine Waters

If you want to talk about insurgencies and inciting terror, you don’t have to look at President Trump because he didn’t do that – but you should look at Maxine Waters because that’s exactly what she did in Minneapolis and has done throughout her miserable career.

The GOP tried to censure Waters after she traveled to Minneapolis with a police escort and urged an already “jumpy” crowd to sit in the streets and “get more confrontational.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be “outraged” by any incitement to protests and crime, did not believe Waters should be disciplined. Pelosi actually advised Waters not to apologize for what she said.

The House voted, and the hypocrites who all voted to impeach Trump voted against Maxine Waters being censured.

Isn’t that typical of Democrats?

Well, one Freshman congresswoman named Lisa Mcclain had had enough of Pelosi’s hypocrisy, so she took her seat on the House floor and tore her a new one.

“You know Mrs. Madame Speaker, if this were said by a Republican, the majority of this chamber will move to withdraw that representative from their committees and likely vote to remove that individual from Congress,” McClain said.

Watch the following video:

We must continue to fight and call the Democrats out whenever and wherever we can, with as much zeal and justified fury as possible.

They’ll sense it, and it’ll wear them down, believe me.

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