US Embassy in Kabul Releases Frightening Alert and Then Recalls it 30 Minutes Later

US Embassy in Kabul Releases Frightening Alert and Then Recalls it 30 Minutes Later

Did someone from Biden admin tell the US Embassy to recall that terrifying alert?

It would appear that the US Embassy in Kabul may have been told to recall an alarming “alert” that they sent out.

Here’s how things started…

Today we learned that the Taliban is running the show. They would not allow Joe Biden to extend his 8/31 deadline, in hopes of getting more Americans out.

As a matter of fact, they’re now telling the US that no more Afghans can leave the country either.

Politico is also reporting that the Taliban are not allowing Afghans or Americans to get past any airport gates at this time.

[email protected] and I report that the Taliban has now started halting people trying to get in through the airport gates. Not just Afghans but American citizens. Informal groups coordinating need to redirect people on the fly, per 3 sources.”

We’re also hearing from Fox News that US troops are already pulling out of Afghanistan, leaving many to fear that Americans are being left there to die.

This is what likely promoted the alert from the US Embassy in Kabul, basically telling all Americans, they need to leave Afghanistan now, or they’re on their own.

Just 30 minutes later, the alert was “recalled.”

Richard Engel of NBC News reported on the alert, saying, “US embassy issues last alert for US citizens to leave afghanistan or they’re on their own, then recalls it 30 mins later.”

Now, this sounds to me like Team Biden, who is desperately trying to control the narrative, got wind of that alert and demanded that it be pulled.

The reason I say this is that Team Biden right now is still trying to take a “victory lap” by claiming this withdrawal has been a “success.”

Yes, seriously, they are doing that.

They’re also trying to clamp down on the term “stranded Americans.”

And finally, while everyone from Liz Cheney to German officials are saying it’s impossible to get Americans out of Afghanistan in this short window, Team Biden is making it sound like it’s a piece of cake as long as the Taliban “helps.”

What the hell?

So, based on all of that, it would only stand to reason that the embassy was old by Biden’s team to pull the alert – this is just my theory of course, but it seems logical at this point.


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