Study: Academics Support Conservative Discrimination

Study: Academics Support Conservative Discrimination

A majority of academics are unopposed to discriminating against conservatives, according to research from the Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology.

A study of eight polls of graduate-level professors and doctoral students found a majority support some form of discrimination against conservatives, while 10% support outright cancellation or firing of conservative professors who express those views publicly, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

"The discriminatory impact is huge," University of London politics professor Eric Kaufmann told the Free Beacon.

Kaufmann's study sought to quantify academia's liberal bias against conservatives, finding 1 in 3 conservatives feel a threat of disciplinary action if they express their views. Also, regardless of sensing the threat of retribution, conservative professors and graduate students are "guaranteed" to face discrimination for their views, according to the report. Kaufmann points to a "chilling" effect of self-censorship of conservatives, concluding just the perception of "punishment mechanisms" leads to "powerful conformist pressures that make people keep their mouths shut."

The study found 70% of conservatives sense a hostile environment for their ideology, and 90% of those supporting former President Donald Trump are not comfortable sharing those views with a colleague, per the report.

Also, a majority admit to keeping their conservative views out of their research or teaching, fearing discipline for doing so.

"It's become quite pervasive across the U.S., Britain, and Canada," Kaufmann told the Free Beacon. "There is now a certain level of discrimination on the basis of ideology and politics."

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