GOP Challenge In Pennsylvania Will Not Live To Be Heard By The Supreme Court

GOP Challenge In Pennsylvania Will Not Live To Be Heard By The Supreme Court

Yet another case that could show evidence for fraudulent elections, will be slipped under the carpet.

They’re absolutely taking advantage of the whole principle, that the Supreme court can deny a motion, a hearing, an audit, without further going into an explanation of the details.

In the case of Pennsylvania, it was once again the republicans that brought the whole case before the eyes of the public, and the eyes of the Supreme Court.

According to a report published by Yahoo News,

” The Supreme Court won’t take an appeal by Pennsylvania Republicans claiming that the state’s secretary of the State exceeded its authority when expanding deadlines for mail-in ballots last year due to the pandemic.”

Why it matters: This is another refusal by the Supreme Court to take up litigation regarding the 2020 presidential election, despite the efforts of GOP leaders and supporters of former President Trump to push baseless claims of voter fraud.”

The judges were unanimous in their decision, which is according to the law of the States, where they’re allowed to dismiss a case with “no explanation and no noted dissents.”

Furthermore, according to what we’ve already seen, the rejection was not a surprise at all. Even, it was an expected outcome given the court’s consistent refusal to hear similar suits regarding the 2020 election.


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