BREAKING NEWS: Trump Denies All Ties To A Third Party

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Denies All Ties To A Third Party

In the huge event going on in Orlando, a lot of truths came out in the open.

The most calming and important information, at least for myself, was the fact that Donald Trump reaffirmed that he has no plans to leave his current party or to create a third party by himself.

Lewandowski, Trump’s “right hand” noted that Trump ” is going to reaffirm that he does not want to have a third party, that he is going to be part of—and the head of—the Republican Party.”

And he has also given out some information regarding President Trump’s speech that is going to be held today!

    “He’s going to talk about what he believes Biden is going to do to this country over the next four years. We’ve already seen a military strike in Syria in the first 30 days of this administration. We’ve seen getting away from an America First agenda, to embrace China, to allow once again, our companies to be subjected to the will of other countries,” Lewandowski said.

    Another “information leak out”, this one from Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, gave out the information that in the speech, President Trump will also talk about the future of the Republican Party, the “America First” agenda as well as the sum-up of the lessons we should have learned by the end of 2020.

    Finally, the day has come…. The legendary comeback of our beloved President Trump after all that he’s been through.

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