Antifa Runs Rampant in Portland, Biden Administration Continues To Ignore

Antifa Runs Rampant in Portland, Biden Administration Continues To Ignore

As the new administration attempts to undercut virtually all Trump accomplishments by the will of the Democratic agenda, there still seems to be a lack of concern in regards to domestic terrorism across the country. To this day, there hasn't been any acknowledgement or condemnation of Antifa's presence on American soil by Biden. 

During the recent election cycle, Biden refers to the neomarxist group as an "idea," not an organization. However, Biden failed to consider or most likely, willingly ignored, the countless days of rioting resulting in billions of dollars in damages and livelihoods lost.

Well, Antifa has come back with a vengeance against the Democratic party, claiming "we don't want Biden, we want revenge."


Shortly after the inauguration, the Democratic Party of Oregon business office was set ablaze by Antifa rioters in Portland. The police report stated that multiple sites were broken into and vandalized, ICE officers were attacked, and eight arrests followed.

So now the question is, with the inauguration of the new president, hasn't Antifa finally gotten what they've been asking for?

Unfortunately, no.

These radical and sycophantic arsonists have now realized that they were merely a pawn used by the Democratic party to create chaos. If we've learned anything from the left, it's that they're fantastic at mobilizing and taking to the streets.

Biden and his democratic cronies claimed he would be a bullwork against "systematic racism" and a figurehead for unity. Sorry, but you guys weren't fooling anyone, not even Antifa.

The continuous blind eye to Democratic political violence was an effort to make the Trump administration look unfit, which backfired tremendously. This must explain the absurd fundraising lead by Kamala Harris to bail out hundreds of dangerous rioters from police custody.


After all the obscene behaviors by radical and mainstream democrats to brush off their burning cities, are we really going to allow them to comment on the atrocities of January 6th. The constant demonization of one who affiliates or affiliated with Trump's movement and to equate all of those who backed the former president as "domestic terrorists" must end. They don't have a clue what domestic terrorism truly is nor do they have the ability to call out political violence on all fronts.

So when will Biden's day come for condemning Antifa? My guess is soon, simply because they have turned against him.

Just remember Joe, America is watching, and America has been watching for quite some time. Your words of "unity" don't hold and they never did.